Product Vacuum Insulated Carafe/TGS-1000

  • 1.0L
  • 製品を丸ごと洗えるので、常に衛生的に保てます(ただし水中放置はしないでください)。


  • 多くの家庭で便利に使える製品なので、贈り物として最適で、おすすめしている製品です。

    Great for gift

  • エコマーク

Specifications Table of TGS-1000

Part numberTGS-1000
ColorsJAN code
Stainless Black(SBK) 4904371442017
Capacity (liter) 1.0
Heat Retention 10 h Above 69 ℃
24 h Above 49 ℃
Cool Retention (10 h) Below 11 ℃
Diameter (approx., cm) 5.8
Dimensions/width×depth×height (about cm) 17.5×12.5×19.5
Net weight (approx. kg) 0.6
Package 6 pieces / carton
Retail price 4700 yen (excl. VAT)

●Warmth (cold) retention shows temperatures taken under the following conditions: ambient temperature of 20℃, container filled with prescribed amount of hot water at 95℃ (4℃ for cold water) and left for the predetermined time.
●Product sizes are displayed in 0.5 cm increments, and weights in 0.1 kg increments.
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