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Release of Large-Capacity Model to Meet Customer Demand! Sparkling clean in just 3 minutes! Chemical reaction lifts stains and peels them away New THERMOS ELECTRIC BOTTLE WASHER (APA-1500) Available Tuesday, March 1, 2016

THERMOS KK (Tokyo; Shoji Toida President), a world leader in vacuum flask products that offer people and society a lifestyle that is both comfortable and environmentally friendly, is launching the new Thermos Electric Bottle Washer (APA-1500) to keep your up to 1.5 liter Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles cleaner and more hygienic.

The Thermos Electric Bottle Washer (APA-800) released in August 2015 adopts Thermos’ proprietary patented technology (Japan Patent No. 5667674). The Electric Bottle Washer is popular for its ability to remove tough tea and coffee stains in just three minutes, instead of the conventional time-consuming bleaching process. While it is designed to clean Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles of up to 0.8 liters, customers requested a bottle washer able to clean larger-capacity bottles. The Vacuum Insulated Sports Bottles popular with school children typically have capacity of 1–1.5 liters and are often filled with barley tea and other tea varieties. We therefore developed and released the Thermos Electric Bottle Washer for large-capacity sports bottles.


Electric current is applied, setting off a chemical reaction (radical reaction) between the bottle and the stains, lifting the stains at their roots and peeling them away.

When the Thermos Electric Bottle Washer is placed on the mouth of the bottle and an electric current is applied to the metal parts inside the bottle, it sets off a chemical reaction (radical reaction) between the bottle and the stains, which lifts the stains at their roots and peels them away. This revolutionary new cleaning system has been developed for use on Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles.

Ordinary oxygen bleach dissolves stains from their outer surface. The Electric Bottle Washer differs by working on the bonding plane between the bottle and the stains. When the bleach is placed in the bottle and the Electric Bottle Washer is set and switched on, cleaning is completed in just three minutes. You only have to rinse the bottle in cold water and gently wipe it with a sponge, and it will be sparkling clean!

- Results may vary depending on the degree of staining.

Ordinary oxygen bleach
Stains are dissolved from their outer surface.

An electric current applied to the metal parts inside the bottle sets off a chemical reaction (radical reaction) between the bottle and the stains, which lifts the stains at their roots and peels them away.

4easy steps

Place bleach in bottle, then add water, and fully dissolve bleach.

Remove cap from one end of electrode rod, insert rod into top of washer body, and replace cap.

Place washer body on bottle and switch it on. (*Bottle washer is battery operated and cordless. Batteries sold separately.)

After 3 minutes, remove washer and rinse bottle well.
*Any remaining stains can be removed by wiping gently with a sponge.

The Electric Bottle Washer can be used to wash Thermos products that meet the following three criteria.

Capacity: Up to 1,500 ml

Mouth diameter: Up to 7 cm

Metal rim (*Not coated with plastic)

Not suitable for:

  • Bottles with fluorine- or ceramic-coated interiors
  • Plastic bottles


*Customers who have already purchased the Thermos Electric Bottle Washer APA-800 can purchase the APA-1500 Electrode Rod Set (\450 excl. tax) and replace the electrode rod in the APA-800 to wash bottles up to 1,500 ml.


Model No. APA-1500
MSRP (excl. tax) ¥3,500
JAN Code (4562344) 355773
Dimensions W×D×H (approx. cm) 8×8×35
Weight (approx. kg) 0.1*

*Does not include weight of spoon or sample bleach packet.