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Easily make aromatic, bright and clear iced coffee at home!
Thermos releases coffee maker exclusively for iced coffee!
THERMOS ICED COFFEE MAKER (ECI-660) Available Tuesday, March 1, 2016

THERMOS KK (Tokyo; Shoji Toida President), a world leader in vacuum flask products that offer people and society a lifestyle that is both comfortable and environmentally friendly, will launch the Thermos Iced Coffee Maker featuring an exclusively optimized design for brewing iced coffee. Available on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, the Iced Coffee Maker makes it quick and easy to brew aromatic, bright and clear iced coffee at home.

According to an Internet-based survey we conducted, 88.3% of people who drink coffee at least once a week drink coffee at home. Of them, 45.7% drink iced coffee, which led to our development of a coffee maker to brew authentic iced coffee quickly and easily at home. (Survey by Thermos, n = 9,165, multiple-answer format)

Fill the server with ice and turn it on
to brew iced coffee at home quickly and easily!
Thermos Iced Coffee Maker (ECI-660)

The Thermos Iced Coffee Maker (ECI-660) is a coffee maker developed exclusively for brewing iced coffee to ensure full-bodied, aromatic flavor. It is easy to use: All you do is fill the double-wall server with ice, add the coffee grounds and water, and turn it on. A microprocessor controls the brewing time in a slow-brew process that creates coffee full of aromatics and deep flavor. The brewed coffee is then dripped directly onto the ice to instantly cool it for a bright and clear flavor profile. A buzzer sounds when the drip process is finished, while the energy-saving design offers an automatic shut-off safety feature.

The server that the coffee drips into is a key feature of the Iced Coffee Maker. It has a double-wall construction that keeps ice cold and frozen for a longer period of time, while also preventing condensation from forming. The wide mouth is easy to fill with ice and makes cleaning and care easier. The server also has an easy-to-pour and spill-resistant design. Safety features include a drip-stopper construction that immediately stops the drip process when the server is removed from the coffee maker.

With the Thermos Iced Coffee Maker, you can quickly and easily make an authentic pot of aromatic, full-bodied iced coffee to enjoy at home.


  • Microprocessor controls brewing time
  • Slow-brew process optimized for iced coffee
  • Safe, energy-saving design features automatic shut-off after drip process is complete
  • Instant cooling by dripping coffee onto ice creates aromatic, bright and clear profile
  • Server’s double-wall construction keeps coffee cold for longer! Condensation resistant!
  • Drip-through construction keeps server lid attached during drip process
  • Drip-stopper construction immediately stops coffee maker when server is removed
  • Large ice cubes okay
    (includes ice level guide)
  • Easy cleaning and care
  • Easy to pour, spill resistant


1) Place the filter in the dripper and add coffee grounds

2) Add water to the water tank for the number of cups you want to make

3) Fill the server with ice up to the ▼こおり▼ mark, attach the lid, and turn it on

4) Your iced coffee is ready when the buzzer sounds!

* You can use ground coffee for iced coffee or regular ground coffee beans. A medium to coarse coffee grind is recommended. Not suitable for fine coffee grinds.


Model No. ECI-660
Color JAN Code(4562344)
VWH: Vanilla white 354790
MBL: Mint blue 354783
MSRP (excl. tax) Open price
Water tank capacity (l) 0.31
Server capacity (l) 0.66
Power consumption 400W
Dimensions W×D×H (approx. cm) 18×28.5
(including server handle)×32.5
Weight (approx. kg) 2.1
(including server)