Product Vacuum Insulated Straw bottle/FFQ-600

  • 600ml


  • 冷たいお飲み物専用の製品です。製品の構造上、熱い飲料を入れて使うことはできません。

    For cold use only

  • 製品を丸ごと洗えるので、常に衛生的に保てます(ただし水中放置はしないでください)。


  • エコマーク

Specifications Table of FFQ-600

Part numberFFQ-600
ColorsJAN code
Stainless White(SWH) 4562344359399
Stainless Black(SBK) 4562344359382
Capacity (liter) 0.6
Cool Retention (6 h) Below 10 ℃
Diameter (approx., cm) 4.5
Dimensions/width×depth×height (about cm) 7.5×7.5×23
Net weight (approx. g) 270
Package 12
Retail price 3,600yen(excl. VAT)

●The price is the suggested Retail Price.
●Cold retention shows temperatures taken under the following conditions: ambient temperature of 20℃, container filled with prescribed amount of cold water at 4℃ and left for the predetermined time.
●Product sizes are displayed in 0.5 cm increments, and weights in 10 g increments.
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