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This website has been created on the basis of information considered reliable, however THERMOS K.K. makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or reliability of the information. THERMOS K.K. assumes no liability in the unlikely event you suffer any damage as a result of the information, etc. posted on this website. THERMOS K.K. also retains the right to change or delete any of the content posted on this website without notice.


All rights including copyright associated with the content posted on this website (all created and edited content such as text, photographs, images and information) shall be attributable to THERMOS K.K. and other copyright holders. The use, reproduction, duplication, redistribution and republication of the content posted on this website without the prior approval of the copyright holder is prohibited.


The brand and service names posted on this website as well as the logos and marks, etc. thereof are registered brands or trademarks. The use, reprinting, duplication, and modification thereof posted on this website without prior approval is prohibited.

Governing law and competent court

Unless otherwise stipulated, use of this website shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
Any conflict arising from the use of this website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

Links to this website

You may freely link to this website both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, please refrain linking to this website from websites that corresponding to the following:

  • A website that defames or intends to damage the credibility of our company or third parties
  • Website that infringes on the intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, property rights, privacy, and right of likeness etc. of our company or third parties
  • Website which does not comply with public order including laws, ordinances and regulations

It is strictly prohibited to use this website in a way that misleads regarding the accessed URL, such as displaying the website in a frame, or to link to this website using registered trademarks including our logo mark without permission.
The URL of this website may be changed without notice.

Links from this website

THERMOS K.K. assumes no liability for any damage caused as a result of accessing external websites via links on this website. This website contains both internal links as well as links to external websites.

External websites linking to this website and external websites linked to from this website

THERMOS K.K. assumes no liability in relation to the privacy protection and content of external websites linking to this website and external websites linked to from this website. Please check the privacy policies and terms of use of both this website and the websites linked to this website.

Cookies and web beacons

Some parts of this website use cookies and web beacons.
Cookies are a mechanism whereby small data files are downloaded to your computer's hard disk and memory via your browser in order to keep track of your movement within the website. Web beacons are small image files and tags embedded in the website that allows the website to record the simple action of a user opening the specific page that contains the beacon.
THERMOS K.K. uses cookies and web beacons for the statistical analysis of website usage and measurement of advertising effect, etc. THERMOS K.K. aims to provide better information and services to users through such use of cookies and web beacons.
Cookies and web beacons will never provide THERMOS K.K. with information such as your name, address or phone number, etc.
If you wish, you can also disable cookies in your browser. However, please note that you may be unable to use some of the services on this website if you have disabled cookies.

Access log

This website records the information of visitors in the form of an access log. This access log may be used for the statistical analysis of website usage, examination of improved website convenience, and to investigate the cause of system failure and unauthorized access. The access log contains information of each visitor's domain name or IP address, access date and time, accessed files, URL (link) from which the website was accessed and the web browser and OS used to access the website, etc.; it does not contain any personal information.

Information acquisition through Google Analytics

THERMOS K.K. receives from Google Inc. user action history information (including but not limited to browsing history of pages on this website, time spent on each page, types/version of browser and OS, referrer and access source, but does not include information that can identify the individual) collected by Google Inc. from websites specified Google Inc.
We may use this information within the scope of ascertaining the status of access to this website.
The abovementioned information that Google Inc. obtains is managed based on Google Inc.’s privacy policy. If you expressly want to avoid Google Inc. acquiring the above information, please opt-out from the Google Inc. website.

Information acquisition from User Insight

User Insight collects site visitor access information using analysis tags for the purpose of analyzing access to this website.
Collected access information includes browsing history of the pages within this website, time spent on each page, type/version of browser and OS, screen size, referrer, access source and the mouse track. The collected information is used for improving this website and services by understanding the access status, improving the content and identifying the cause of systemic problems.
User Insight does not uses cookies for the purpose of distributing advertising or selling data. If a user still feels uncomfortable, the user can delete or disable unwanted third party cookies through the browser settings.
It is also possible to avoid long-term tracking by the browser’s DNT function. For browsers without a DNT function, users can expressly opt out by selecting the opt out button on the User Insight website.

Use of SSL (encrypted communication)

This website uses encrypted communication utilizing Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to safely transmit data, including user personal information that must be protected. Information sent between the web server of this website and a user’s browser is protected by SSL technology.

Usage environment for this website

The operation of this website was confirmed in the following environments:


Latest version of Chrome / latest version of Firefox / Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 / latest version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10


Latest version of Safari / latest version of Chrome / latest version of Firefox

Mobile and tablet

Safari on iOS 11 or later / Chrome on Android OS 5.0 or later

PDF files

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Video files

To view Flash video files, it is necessary to install Adobe® Flash® Player from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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Frequently asked questions and instruction manuals

We disclose frequently asked questions and instruction manuals for each product category. There are some precautions and restrictions related to using the pages in instruction manuals. Please use after reading the Request and Precautions section.

Updates to this document

Please understand that the content of this website policy and related rules may be changed without notice.

Last updated: 2020/07/01