Social Media Activities

THERMOS K.K. established and observes the policy (basic position and principle of action) described below for our official social media accounts.

Self-awareness and responsibilities regarding posting information on social media

THERMOS K.K. regards social media as an important tool for communicating with our customers. Based on this, regarding participation in social media, THERMOS K.K. strives to conduct communications with self-awareness and responsibility for the repercussion of our comments.

Mindset for participating in social media

  • Maintain the attitude to listen
  • Be responsible for posting and handling information and be careful to avoid misunderstandings
  • Establishing communication with customers
  • Observe laws, regulations, and internal rules
  • Be considerate of personal information and privacy

Notes and requests

  • Please note that not all information posted by THERMOS K.K. on social media is necessarily official or formal information, and information may be revised later.
  • The information that we officially release can be checked on our website or in our press releases.
  • Each account, is managed differently (reply method, handling hours, content posted).
  • Please note that there may be the cases where THERMOS K.K. deletes or revises user content posted on social media that we judge to be inappropriate.
  • THERMOS K.K. will not bear any responsibility for comments posted by users.
  • THERMOS K.K. will not bear any responsibility for damage caused by the use of this social media by users or the unavailability of the use of social media.
  • THERMOS K.K. will not bear any responsibility for damage incurred to users and third parties due to problems related to our social media between users or between users and third parties.
  • Operation of official accounts may be terminated or deleted without notice.
  • We may change this policy without any advance notice.

Personal Information

Please refer to Policy on Personal Information Protection for details on how customer personal information is handled.

THERMOS official social media accounts

Last updated: 2018/10/31