Sport Jug/FPH-1900

Discontinued Products
  • For cold use only
  • 1.9L


Part numberFPH-1900
Capacity (ℓ) 1.9
Diameter (approx., cm) 10.3
Dimensions/width×depth×height (about cm) 20.0×16.0×28.0
Net weight (approx. kg) 0.8
Package 12 pieces / carton
Retail price Open price
●Product sizes are displayed in 0.5 cm increments, and weights in 0.1 kg increments.
※ 1 Graph shows measured data under the following conditions: ambient temperature of 20℃, container is filled to lower edge of stopper unit with water under 4℃ and temperatures are recorded after water reaches 4℃. If there are less contents, or depending on conditions of use, performance shown in the above graph may not be achievable.
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