Stainless Steel Lunch Tote/JBC-801

  • Dishwasher safe
  • ecomark (keep warm) 010
  • Rice 0.27L
  • Side dish 0.22L
  • Soup 0.2L


Part numberJBC-801
Heat Retention (6 h) Above 61 ℃
Dimensions/width×depth×height (about cm) 13.0×11.5×17.5 ※1
Chopsticks length (approx., cm) 18.0
Net weight (approx. kg) 0.6 ※2
Side dish container capacity (ℓ) 0.22
rice container capacity (ℓ) 0.27(0.10)※3
soup container capacity (ℓ) 0.2
Package 6 pieces / carton
Retail price 6,050yen (tax included)
●The price is the suggested Retail Price
●Warmth retention shows temperatures taken under the following conditions: ambient temperature of 20℃, container filled with prescribed amount of hot water at 95℃ and left for the predetermined time.
●Product sizes are displayed in 0.5 cm increments(excludes dedicated bag), and weights in 0.1 kg increments(includes dedicated bag).
※ 1 Excludes dedicated bag.
※ 2 Includes dedicated bag.
※ 3 Value in parentheses shows insulated rice container capacity (uncooked rice quantity)
●Please review precautions before viewing pages with a mark.
= approx. 0.2ℓ.

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